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The Boot Camp Team


The Boot Camp Team offers residential fitness boot camps for individuals looking to lose weight, get fit and benefit from a long weekend of exercise and healthy living.

Previously known as health farms, our weight loss and fitness boot camps offer more than just a programme of exercise. We offer workshops to help you learn about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle which will help you keep off the weight you lost during one of our long health weekends.

Our residential boot camps run periodically throughout the year and offer the following benefits:


What You Get

What You Don't Get

  • 3 day residential fitness boot camp
  • £295 per person per course
  • 3 day preparation healthy eating plan included in price
  • Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon ( only one day off work )
  • Results driven programme designed to test your limits
  • 7lbs average weight loss
  • Nutrition and lifestyle workshops
  • Realistic, sustainable and affordable
  • Basic but comfortable accommodation

A Spa
Luxury Accommodation
Hidden Costs
Military based

warming up before starting exercises wheel barrow races will help you lose weight and get fit

Why Choose Our Fitness Boot Camp ?

With a number of fitness boot camps in England, Wales and Scotland to choose from, it's sometimes difficult to know which boot camp to join but we feel that we offer a realistic schedule, small groups and a programme that has proven to be effective as well as fun.

We must be doing something right because our record weight loss for an individual over the short course has, so far, been 11 lbs !! This is great news for us and for those looking to lose some serious weight, but we also want to help you keep it off once the boot camp is over; and this is where our nutrition and weight loss workshops come in. They are designed to help you get into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle which will help you keep off that unwanted weight.

We also realise how difficult it is to get time off work and the last thing anyone wants to do is use up the "all too scarce" holiday time to join a fitness camp. This is why our fitness camps run over a long weekend meaning you'll only need to take a single day off work. We've arranged it so that you leave work on Thursday, make it to our fitness boot camp for the evening and then start the programme on Friday. Not only that, but you'll be home on Sunday evening.

The Boot camp Team and their 3 day residential fitness boot camp are a fresh approach to fitness boot camps and weight loss.

Weight loss through very low calorie diets and/or extreme exercise appears to work on the surface; realistically they are unsustainable and unhealthy. Added to this, most people put back the weight they lost and often more!!

During the Boot camp Team fitness boot camp, weight loss/body shape change will be achieved (11lbs is the highest to date), but not through a very low calorie diet or extreme exercise.  The weight loss and body shape change achieved through our fitness boot camps, is down to the Boot camp Teams development of a highly nutritious food plan and an exercise programme incorporating so many fitness specifics.

Maintaining and continuing this weight loss post fitness boot camp has been achieved by many.  The most successful boot camp clients have taken their new found weight loss and fitness knowledge and put it to good use.  

The least successful weight loss clients from our fitness boot camps are those who slip back into the old ways wholeheartedly!!!

Most boot camp clients also find they come away with a renewed vigour for their fitness.  Our residential fitness boot camps positively change the way you approach food, fitness and weight loss.

Turning up to our fitness boot camps and giving it your all, pays dividends in the weight loss achieved and fitness gained.

Stretching to warm up before exercising

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January 29th to

February 1st

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