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Fitness Boot Camp Basics

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The words ‘fitness boot camp’ can provoke negative thoughts of ex service personnel swearing and shouting at you. Rest assured our fitness boot camps are a very different breed!

Our 3 day residential fitness boot camp is the perfect way to kick start a new you, push you through a plateau or just give you that lift you have been looking for. 11lbs is the greatest weight loss to date. The real advantage is that you only need one day off work and you will most likely be back home by 5pm on Sunday.

The boot camp team have developed a three day residential fitness boot camp that will ensure you lose weight, gain confidence, develop a better nutritional understanding and most importantly have fun!!

Our approach to fitness and nutrition is simple; it should take you out of your comfort zone yet remain achievable and affordable.

This 3 day residential fitness boot camp will provide you with a fresh approach to nutrition and exercise. You will find yourself thinking about new ways to fuel your body.

Prior to arriving you will follow our strict healthy eating plan involving mostly fresh fruit and vegetables. This plan is designed to kick start your new healthy regime and fuel your body correctly for the three days of activity you have ahead, starting you off on the best foot for optimum weight loss.

You arrive at our bunk barn accommodation on Thursday evening. The accommodation is very basic and you must provide your own sleeping bags, towels and plenty of training gear…. You may get wet!!!! A full kit list will be sent to you on receipt of your booking.

back to basics fitness boot campsFriday to Sunday you will take part in a variety of high intensity, long recovery exercise, endurance walks and body weight circuits. You will have healthy, nutritious and fuelling meals and will be involved in nutrition and food awareness workshops developed by a master practitioner in eating disorders and obesity from the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

Our fitness boot camps are designed to ensure you lose weight and gain confidence, develop a better nutritional understanding and most importantly have fun!

The daily schedule includes a range of different sessions of varying intensities. You will spend a lot of time outside your comfort zone, but not so far you feel you can’t complete the course.

Our nutritional plan will more than likely take you away from your normal routine. The aim is to get you thinking more about how to fuel your body with nutritionally dense food, and get away from the refined, convenience lifestyle that is all too common. This plan remains sustainable and can be easily followed when you return home. (We cater for allergies and intolerances)

To take the whole experience further we have developed a 3 day pre course healthy eating plan. This is aimed at maximising your weight loss and overall wellbeing boost, as well as preparing you for a change in your eating habits. With a little preparation this will not take too much time out of your day.

The biggest weight loss to date has been 11 lbs. The real selling point of this is that you only need to take one day off work. The camps run from a Thursday night (arrive at some point after work) to Sunday afternoon. (leave by 4pm) You will spend three days away from technological interruptions.

No TV, no radio, no sat nav, no MP3, no phone, no car, no blackberry, no PC…..bliss. Ironically, even with all the physical activity you will probably be the most relaxed you have been for years.

Upon selecting your dates and purchasing your course you will be sent a health screen and disclaimer to return, be sent a kit list and receive a three day pre course healthy eating plan with details on how to take your weight and measurements before the healthy eating plan.

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