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The boot camp schedule

running up that hill running up that hill

The boot camp team residential fitness boot camps are designed so that you only need to take one day off work. The time that you will spend with us will be planned in detail and an example of your schedule is below.


From 7:30 pm onwards

Arrive at Smithy’s Bunkhouse, Pantygelli, Wales. Once everyone has arrived there will be a meet and greet from one of the boot camp teams qualified (Reps level 3 minimum) fitness trainers.

Friday and Saturday

6 am
Polite wake up call, fruit and water.

6:30 am
Out on the field for 60 minutes ice breaking (not literally!!) body weight exercises.

7:45 am
Healthy, nutritious and fuelling breakfast

8:30 am
Up to 4 hour walk across stunning countryside


2 hours down time. Open fire and a book, sleep or relax. NO GADGETS ALLOWED (try to be discreet)!!!!

2 hours high intensity, long recovery workout. Tyres, logs and bodyweight exercises. Fun, rewarding and exhausting!!

Nutritious evening meal

Food awareness and nutrition workshop developed by our Master Practitioner in Obesity and Eating Disorder (from The National Centre for Eating Disorders) and delivered by our Reps level 3 fitness trainers.

9:30pm ish!!!!
Lights Out


6 am
Polite wake up call

6:20 am
Healthy, nutritious breakfast.

7:00 am
4 hour walk across stunning countryside.

11:15 am
Healthy Snack


Team building exercise



Meet the team


The boot camp team residential fitness boot camps are delivered by our highly qualified and experienced team. Their love for unconventional training methods which is highly contagious means that you will learn new ways to increase your fitness and exercise levels.

Paul Wanford

Paul Wanford, personal fitness trainer at residential fitness boot camp
As the driving force behind the boot camp team, Paul’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for delivering a successful boot camp is only rivalled by his fellow trainers!! With 10 years experience in the fitness industry and more recently 2 years of boot camps (including lecturing for the RAF) Paul has developed a challenging, results based yet achievable boot camp.


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Camp Dates

January 29th to

February 1st

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